Discover the Allure of Chocolate Diamond Rings

Chocolate diamond rings are among the most popular and fashionable diamond rings today.  Their unique rich dark color bucks the trend of traditional white diamonds, making them a great attention grabber.

Diamonds come in a wide variety of different colors, shades, and tones.  The term “chocolate diamond” was coined by the jewelry designer house of Le Vian, around the year 2000 and refers to diamonds in a deep shade of brown.  Prior to that time, dark colored diamonds were considered much less desirable.  But through their creative marketing, the popularity of these gems as an alternative to conventional white diamonds has grown significantly in recent years.

Hollywood celebrities and global stars are frequently pictured wearing dazzling chocolate diamond necklaces, rings, and jewelry pieces of all types.  This has added lots of attention and excitement to these lovely gemstones, and has made them an admired option for engagement rings and cocktail rings.

Why Choose Chocolate Diamond Rings?

Other than the pure beauty and aesthetics of a sparkling chocolate diamond, there are other advantages to choosing rings made with these lovely gems:

Pear Shaped Chocolate Diamond Ring

  • They’re perfect for anyone looking for a unique, trendy, and unconventional diamond ring.  Because they are still new and growing in popularity, you may be the first among your friends to acquire one of these eye-catching rings.  A chocolate diamond engagement ring can be a striking alternative to a traditional engagement ring.
  • The rich shade of these diamonds offers a beautiful complement to nearly any skin tone.  It also greatly accentuates the color of brown-eyed and brown haired women.
  • The neutral color of the stone make it perfect for mixing and matching with white diamonds, and with other gemstones.
  • Since chocolate diamonds are less expensive than white diamonds, they can make a great choice for anyone who is cost conscious.   You can find a wonderful selection of genuine chocolate diamond rings for well under $1,000.

Determining the Quality of a Diamond Ring

Just as you would when you’re shopping for any diamond, make sure you know the quality of what you’re buying.  There is nothing wrong with buying ANY quality of ring if you like the look and feel.  But do be sure that you are paying fairly for what you’re getting.

Always consult a reputable dealer when looking for a top quality ring.   Not all diamonds are the real thing.  Some are genuine but not all natural as they have been color treated to add to the tone and brilliance.   Others are man-made cultured or synthetic stones.  These can still look beautiful, but you should pay much less.

All brown diamond rings have a low color value.  But the color of diamond is just one of the four factors that are used to measure diamond quality (remember the 4 C’s – color, clarity carat, and cut).  Once you find a low color stone in a shade you like, be sure to find out how it rates on the remaining three Cs.  It’s entirely possible for a high quality, low color diamond to be more valuable than a lower quality white one.

Yellow Gold White and Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

Other than size and cut, be sure to look carefully for the level of clarity.  It may be difficult to see with the dark brown color, but you don’t want to have any visible flaws such as black spots or clouds – certainly not any that you can see with the naked eye.   This will help make sure that your diamonds have the greatest sparkle and shine.

Selecting The Style of Your Ring

Whether you’re looking for a fun fashion ring, an elegant evening ring, or a wedding and engagement ring set, there are a great variety style options and combinations available.   In addition to looking for the shape and design that suits you, you’ll also need to decide on the metal and color of the setting, as well as the addition of any other gemstones.

The rich brown color of chocolate diamonds is a great complement to settings of gold, white gold, or platinum.   Yellow gold or rose gold look beautiful with chocolate diamonds alone, or combined with white diamonds.  White gold or platinum works well when other color of diamond or gemstone are added.

Aquamarine and chocolate diamond together make a stunning combination.   White or brown pearls are also found paired with chocolate diamond, creating a classic elegant look.

With all of the available choices, you are sure to find just the right ring that suits your unique style and personality.